In today's market, it is important that your home be properly priced, listed, and marketed. Pricing your property at its current market value is more significant now than in times past. Buyers are more educated now than ever before. The amount and type of information that consumers have access to is growing daily.

Once we list your property, we will walk you through every step of the selling process from beginning to end including the proper pricing of your home, the active local and national marketing of your home, and the negotiation of a proper sales price.

If you wish to start the selling process now, please contact us, and we will be in touch with you immediately. Thank you!

What steps should I take to get my home ready for sale?

If you are ready to list your home for sale, don't just list it without advanced preparation. A few minor touch ups will go a long way towards making a favorable impression on potential buyers. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and walk through your home like it is the first time. Make notes on what you, as the buyer, would notice and then repair or replace those items. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare:
  • Clean and clear out the clutter! - Polish your appliances and faucets and clean the windows. Dust your mantle and fan blades. You want buyers to focus on how great your place looks, not how messy it is. Remove any bulky furniture as this will make your space appear larger. You may want to consider hiring a cleaning service if needed.
  • Keep the decor simple, but bright! - If you have fluorescent walls, you may want to paint them a neutral color. Remove personal items such as family photos or exotic artwork. Organize your closets as storage space is a huge selling point. Open up shades and blinds to let in as much light as possible. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in your home!
  • Boost the curb appeal - Some potential buyers decide not to step foot inside a home based off of that homes initial curb appeal. Consider trimming your shrubs, fixing any peeling paint, and keeping your walkway clear. A good landscaping company can do wonders for brining in more potential buyers.

  • For more information, please download our tips on showcasing your home to sell!

    The biggest mistake sellers make

    If you're about to put your house on the market, you're probably wondering, "How much can I get for it?" However, a seller's biggest mistake is to overprice their home. Have you ever seen that beautiful home that has been sitting on the market forever? Chances are it A) Has a significant defect that has yet to be fixed, or B) It is overpriced!

    How to figure out your homes likely market value

    You'll want to list your home at a dollar amount that will demand showings, invite offers, and settle at or close to asking price. Our team will use factors such as your property's location, size, age, and features along with current local market trends and recently sold homes to compute a proper listing price. Pricing your home in line with the market is one of the best ways to ensure that your home gets shown!

    Our National Marketing Efforts (The Pipeline)

    Your home needs the maximum amount of exposure possible, and Weichert has it! That's why we wouldn't work anywhere else. By listing your home with us at Weichert, your home will be featured on our website and will also be advertised on:
  • - is the #1 most visited real estate broker website on the East Coast with over 3.5 million visits a month.
  • Our National Partner Websites - Not only will your home be featured on Weichert's site, but your home will be featured on other high-traffic websites belonging to Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo!, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, and many others!
  • Bi-Annual Weichert Magazine - Our bi-annual magazine that includes all our office listings is sent out to local consumers and business as well as various businesses in New York and New Jersey, where our name is already well known!
  • Bright Yellow Signage - You simply can't miss Weichert's signs! They stand out. Not only are they everywhere, but they are bright yellow. This has been a fantastic way of attracting potential buyers as they walk, drive or cycle by your home!
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - One of the most important places your home can be advertised is on the local MLS. From here, your home is made known to all the local Realtors and salespersons and their prospective buyers.
  • Pictures and Videos (The Content)

  • The Photos - Your home needs great photos, plain and simple. After following the preceding steps outlined above, your home should be in top shape for us to visit and take great photographs. Once these photographs are up and running, you'll then have the proper "Content" for "The Pipeline". The mixture of these two ingredients are sure to help you get your home sold!
  • The Video - For homes with a list price near or above $500,000, we will film, design, edit, and publish a marketing video utilizing full HD footage of your property. This process is extensive and there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make the video capture the essence and highlights of your home. Above, you will see an example of one of our videos. To see more, please visit us on our YouTube channel!
  • What makes up an offer to purchase?

    An offer to purchase is a written contract which the buyer submits and signs to the you, the seller. It is accompanied by an earnest money deposit, which is a good faith deposit to show the buyer is serious about purchasing the home. Once an agreement is entered into, this is typically put toward their closing costs. The offer consists of the amount the buyer is willing to pay and the medium of payment whether it be cash, mortgage, etc. Certain contingencies will be put in place to protect the buyer in case their financing falls through or if the home inspection reveals any unexpected problems with the home. The offer may also have an expiration date, by which you must respond or the offer expires.

    Receiving the offer

    Once the offer and earnest money deposit has been submitted, you have the right to either sign the offer as is, make a counter offer, or reject the offer outright. If you accept, the offer becomes a contract, and you are on your way to selling your home. If you counter, the buyer may choose to counter the offer, or walk away. The negotiation process may continute until a final agreement is reached, moving thenceforth into a contract.

    Negotiation Period

    The negotiation process can be a bit tricky at times. As a result, it is imperative that you are represented by a Realtor that has years of experience negotiating successful real estate transactions. By working in your best interest, we will help you attain the best price possible for your home.

    Before You Can Reach the Closing Table

  • Cooperating With the Buyer - The buyer will most likely hire a home inspector to reveal any and all problems with your home. The lender will also send an appraiser to the property to assess its value. Cooperation with these two parties is essential in helping the purchase go smoothly.
  • Hiring a Title Company - Your title company will assist you in closing the sale and providing a venue. They will help you file the required forms and disclosure that must be submitted including insurance, mortgage, loan, and lien documents. They will keep you updated with any and all closing costs that must be paid before closing.
  • Last Minute Essentials

  • Utilities - You should inform your utility companies that you are selling your property and moving. If they have the buyer's information already, the should transfer accounts to the new owner.
  • Entry Devices - You should bring all entry devices to closing such as keys, garage door openers, and key codes for any doorway or home security system.
  • Congratulations, you've made it!

    You will now hand over the keys and all other entry devices of your previous home. Best of luck!