You want to get shown! Based on what we will be doing to sell your home, we are unable to cut our commission. Other buyer agents will look at a discounted commission. When the home down the street pays them pays more, homes listed lower are shown considerably less.
Agents will call my office to arrange a showing appointment. Our staff will enter the showing information into our ViewMyListing software, and you will receive notice by email. If you are required to be notified of all showings in advance, our staff will contact you to make sure the requested time fits your schedule and then confirm the appointment.
We will not be present at the showings unless we personally have a buyer to show your home. Be assured that our GE Supra iBox lockboxes are monitored by sophisticated technology. Every time an agent opens a lockbox to get the key, we are informed on who the agent is, and what time they opened it.
Yes. It is imperative for buyer agents to be able to show your home as conveniently as possible. This also allows me to monitor showings and times, and get the agents' feedback.
We suggest you leave your home in the condition you would like it left after the showing.
You will be provided feedback after either ourselves or another buyer agent fills out the feedback form provided by our ViewMyListing software. This allows you timely updates whenever your property is shown and provides helpful insight from potential buyers.
There may be times when the agent is in your driveway wanting to show your home right then. Other agents may give you several days' notice. Remember, the easier it is to show, the easier it is to sell. Try to always keep your home in "Show-Ready" condition. As a courtesy, we try and give you as much notice as possible when your home is scheduled to be shown.
We try our best to get in as many of our buyers into your home as possible. There are hundreds of real estate agents in our market, and we will be promoting your home to all of them. We would love to personally sell your home, but our primary job is to get it sold! Please see our services page to find out more on what we will do to get your home sold.